Recently, i feel so scare about my decision.
why? i don't really know about~
Maybe the different country,the different language,or something...?
Just like my shoulders both have angel and devil guys to say somthing near my ears.

Angel, good guy, says "just keep going, that's your dream! don't give up! you can handle them,the difficult things is not the environment or the tough of the study in bachelor of pharmacy in English country,why you hesitate?"

Devil,just want to be easy and stay in lazy enivironment , says "why you have to go to abroad to study bachelor drgee? the degree that you have,and also the pharmacist licence in taiwan you got,why you have to put yourself in another conuntry ,besides speak english,study in english to reach that all you have in taiwan? the pay of pharmacist in another country is not more than taiwan,just equal if you work day and night in taiwan "

Angel: there have very excellent environment and breath-taken places.The air you breath and the food you eat and drink are more health than taiwan. NO PREJUDICE HERE! just the like you want, also you want to study english well scine long time ago~ you want to practice,you want to touch the culture and enjoy them, don't you? why you afraid the hardness of you really don't meet? your dream just before your eyes! why you says so many arguments and explains to yourself? don't you forget "no pain,no gain"?

Devil: tricky guy!you rull her life~ she just want to take a break from the long times of study! why you put her in another trouble mess?

Angel:keep remind your heart! you can hear the voice that will tell you, what you really want! stay with your heart, sweety~ good girl ! your life have controled in your hands!no one can push you into you really don't want to! you know that~ listen to your heart!

the competition winner is ANGLE LUNA!!!!!!!!!!
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